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Single-day conference - open panel discussion titled: Banished from Warsaw 1944 - the Plight of Children took place at September 12, 2007 in the Historical Museum of Warsaw.  

                                                                                     PANEL PROGRAM

11:00 - Welcoming remarks
11:20 - Panel Opening: Professor Andrzej Garlicki
11:40 - "About the Project, Banished from Warsaw 1944 - the Plight of Children": senior curator Izabella Maliszewska (The Historical Museum of Warsaw)
12:00 - "Polish People in the Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp": Professor Karl Liedke (Stiftung niedersächsische Gedenkstätten)
12:20 - "Children and the Warsaw Uprising (Participants and Observers)": Małgorzata Sikorska (State Archive of the Capital City of Warsaw)
13:20 - "War Trauma in Children": Professor Maja Lis-Turlejska (University of Warsaw, Psychology Department)
13:40 - "The Orphanage, Our Home, during and after the Warsaw Uprising": Dr. Grzegorz Jasiński (Military Office for Historical Studies)
14:00 - "The Plight of Warsaw's Children after the Uprising, in light of Łowicz Archive Materials": Marek Wojtylak, MA (State Archive of the Capital City of Warsaw, Łowicz Branch)
14:20 - discussion (moderator: Professor Andrzej Garlicki)


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  The project is implemented by the Museum of Warsaw in cooperation with the State Archives of City of Warsaw, and the Niedersachsische Gedenkstatten Foundation