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Testimony of Janusz Waldemar Wilczyński

     [...] Around September 10, after our house has been bombed, we run away with the whole family and found a refuge at the apartment of my aunt in the city center, at 1 Górskiego Street. There we survived a terrible bombardment and destruction of the building of the Górski Grammar School, where in the cellars an hospital for the wounded insurgents was located. As some of them were knocking and shouting from the ruins, we quickly started to try to save them. The Germans tried to obstruct our actions by shooting at us from airplane machine guns, but no one really cared for that and we continued to dig and search through the ruins for the survivors. After a while however the airplanes bombed us with fire-bombs. The fire was enormous. On October 6, after the capitulation, we left Warsaw and walked in a Germans-watched column to Pruszków.


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