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Testimony of Małgorzata Stępińska-Winckler


     My parents took me home around September 8. We left Warsaw after the capitulation on October 4. I was already almost healthy, only my skin would peel off all over the body.          
     We were leaving the city, following the streets Lwowska, August 6th and  Filtrowa Street, then, crossing the Narutowicz Square, we would follow towards the Warsaw West railway station. We have been led up to one of the platforms. People were gossiping that in the Pruszków camp men would be separated and sent to Germany, while women and children set free. After a short deliberation, my father decided to jump over a next platform and mix into a group of men, who had been brought there from Warsaw subburbs for some cleaning work in the city for the needs of the German troops. Now, in the afternoon, they were waiting for a train that would take them back to their homes. They were guarded by just one old uniformed German holding a gun. It was decided between my father and us that we would meet again at our relative's house in Radom. When the German guard walked off to the other end of the platform, my father quickly joined the group of workers.
     A minute later our train moved and brought us to the camp in Pruszków. We spent the night in a huge and empty hall on a concrete floor, covered with a detached wooden side wall of a cargo carriage.


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