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Testimony of Idalia Olszewska-Klemińska


     The Germans came and they said that we had to leave. They did not care where we went. Of course, not in the direction of the Russian armies. Instead, we were to go with the Germans, forward.  
In the direction of Praga.
And then there was the Vistula River. So, we were walking with some acquaintances, because we did not have any close people who we could turn to...
What did you manage to take with you?
We managed to take what a mother and her 7-year-old daughter could manage to take. Even my mother - even though it was very hot, summer - took one of my warm overcoats... I remember that she took some photos and a few sugar cubes, some clothes, the clothes we were wearing. And that is it. After all, we did not have a carriage; we just had ourselves for carrying things.
     On the way, there was a family with four children, and they asked us if we were heading anywhere in particular. Mom said: "We are just walking. Maybe some kind people will welcome us somewhere on the way, but we don't know anyone who we could stay with. We don't know where to go." The woman said: "Well, then come with us. We're going to Gocław because we have friends there. We will all fit; there are six of us." There were six of them in all because there was also the man, who was an elderly person. And so we went with them to Gocław. When we reached our destination, it turned out that it was a building with a basement - it seemed to us that the shelter would be good.


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