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Testimony of Halina Wiśniewska


     Capitulation. Well what then? So my husband says: "Listen, if I leave with you, it's a sure thing, they'll take me to a camp at once, transport me somewhere I have no idea of. There's one other possibility, they granted me combatant rights, I can go in captivity as a POW ..."
     "If that's what you think ..." - I answered. - "Well, yes, we're all going in a group." My husband left in captivity with his unit. I left earlier with my father - because my sister didn't leave with me, she was also afraid that they would take her somewhere, and she expected that maybe she could manage. Given this, I left with my child and father.
     It was known that would not take us to Germany, only someplace here, near Warsaw. We had to walk the entire way to the Dworzec Zachodni /western station/. Along the way we passed fields, full of tomatoes, various fruits and vegetables that we hadn't seen for two months. So my father got his hands on some of these tomatoes and brought them - but I was afraid to eat them.


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