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Information about project partners

     The project is a joint undertaking of the Historical Museum of Warsaw and the State Archive of the Capital City of Warsaw, in cooperation with the Stiftung niedersächsische Gedenkstätten Foundation in Germany.
     The authors of the project believe that it will make a significant contribution to mutual understanding and dissemination of knowledge about deportations and their impact on the lives of individuals - Poles, Germans and members of other European nations alike. The Historical Museum of Warsaw has focused on the Second World War in Warsaw for many years and has been collecting various objects connected with these events. The Museum's task, therefore, will be to provide website content, set up the exhibition, organise the panel discussion and produce the catalogue. 
     Many documents held by the State Archive of the Capital City of Warsaw will become available to the public thanks to the project. The Archive, in addition to making its holdings available, will also participate in work on the exhibition, the panel discussion and the website. The State Archive of the Capital City of Warsaw had been supported by EU during realization its previous project: Leaving Europe for America - early EMIgrants Letter stories (EMILY), which was part of a "Culture 2000" programme.
     The Stiftung niedersächsische Gedenkstätten foundation is engaged in similar work in Germany; it is responsible for a museum in the former Bergen-Belsen extermination camp, where some of the deportees from Warsaw were incarcerated. The German partner will provide access to rich documentary material found in German archives and museums, and will also make contributions to the exhibition, the panel discussion and website promotion. 


The Historical Museum of Warsaw

     The Museum occupies eleven reconstructed houses - eight on the Old Town Square and three on ul. Nowomiejska - as well as three historic courtyards. Permanent exhibitions are on display in 50 rooms; five rooms have been set aside for temporary exhibitions.
     The Museum was founded in 1936 as the Museum of Old Warsaw, a branch of the National Museum. It was entrusted with a collection [...]

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The State Archive of The Capital City of Warsaw

     The history of the Warsaw Archives is closely tied to the history of the city of Warsaw and its municipal administration. The latest research shows that Warsaw was probably founded near the estate of the Prince of Masovia in Jazdółw between the 13th and 14th century. Unfortunately the original foundation charter was not preserved to our times. We may be sure, however, that it existed and [...]

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The Lower Saxony Foundation of Places of Remembrance

[...]  The Lower Saxony Foundation of Places of Remembrance was founded under the Agreement of 18 November 2004, passed unanimously by the Parliament of Lower Saxony. The Foundation was created as a foundation for public law and has its headquarters in Celle.  [...]

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Additional documents

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  The project is implemented by the Museum of Warsaw in cooperation with the State Archives of City of Warsaw, and the Niedersachsische Gedenkstatten Foundation