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Testimony of Izabella Wciślińska


Finally, they loaded us up in this open hog cars for transport. Before getting on this rail car I approached the engineer who was operating this train and asked him to slow down right after Pruszków, since I have family there. The train really did travel very slowly after Pruszków, I even managed to pour a bit milk into the mouths of two children, I wrapped up my daughter tightly in the sleeping bag and decided to jump from the train. It wasn't that easy, my dress got caught but I jerked at it and made it to the ground.  They immediately threw my daughter to me, I caught her in my hands and started to flee across the tracks.  I didn't see anything that was going on around me. At some point a young man came up to me from the other side, grabbed the small bundle I was carrying and said: "Follow me quickly", which I did. He lived not far from the tracks on Fabryczna Street along with his parents. The entire family took care of us very kindly, first I washed up, ate my fill, they gave me a comfortable place to sleep, and they tried to find a stroller for my daughter. I felt fine and safe there.


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