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Testimony of Teresa Różycka


At Zieleniak my mother took steps to protect us.  She disfigured all the young neighbour women, making them look like ugly old bags. When one of the soldiers came up she called over the Ukrainian neighbour and asked him: "Distract him and he'll move on".  The next day we marched under German guards to Pruszków. Along the way, old women lay dying, they didn't have the strength to keep walking. One of them was our neighbour's mother, but the Germans made sure that no one could give her water. Pruszków - a huge hall, people packed in tight. We spent one night here. Mother, in order to get something to eat, borrowed a pot from a friend and promised to give the valued thing back as soon as she fed the children. In searching for the soup cauldron, she ran into a sister- a nurse, who offered to transport us immediately to Milanówek. Mother ran to give back the pot, but when she returned the nurse was gone, because she took another woman with children. In this situation my mother decided to search for a way out of the camp on her own.  We walked along the rail tracks.  It was said that the Germans are taking people by train to Łódź, we found a freight train full of people hoping to get to Łódź. We got on. Several hours later the Germans started to close the car doors, the train started moving. When we passed Łódź, the men in our our car tore off boards from the walls, but only a few jumped off.


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