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Testimony of Jadwiga Szczęścik-Perucka

Local peasants - we stopped at Wolmbrom near Cracow - picked us up. They took us to their cottages; I was living with my mother, my sister and aunt were seperated from us. We spent the rest of the occupation in that village.

So you were living with a local family?

They were good people. My mother visited them long after the war.

Do you remember their surname?

Mrs. Bieniowa from Sobiesenki. My mom always called her a very decent woman; she provided us with milk, bread, let us wash in their bathtub. The conditions were great. My sister was living in another cottage, because peasants could not afford to invite more than 2-3 people.

They couldn't take the entire family.

Because they were poor themselves. They treated us really well.


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